Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome the newest member of the Miller family!

Kaydon Bryant was born April 15, 2009 weighing 10 lbs 1 oz. He was blessed with LOTS of dark hair and so far hasn't lost any. Trenton absolutely loves him and couldn't be a prouder big brother. Kaydon is very, very strong and is lots of fun. We blessed him this last weekend, June 7th and we had a lot of family there.

Trenton is getting SO big. I cannot believe that he is going to be 4 in less than 3 months. He is growing up WAY too fast. I love him with all my heart. He had a lot of fun with his grandparents in town and wants to make a paper chain that he can take one down each day until he gets to see them again. He was very spoiled with everyone here. He got to see both sets of grandparents and his Uncle Ryan and Uncle Brandon. He loves to be a big helper with him brother and loves to help me. He helps clean up the house everyday and gets upset if he doesn't get enough work to do. He helps dad work on the car and he likes to get into and use any sort of tool he can. He enjoys the scouts that Derek and I work with and he calls them "my scouts".

Derek & I are both busy with life in general. We both love having two kids, especially boys. They are a lot of fun and definitely keep life interesting.

That's all for now. Enjoy the new pictures of the boys and our family.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Okay, I finally realized the fact that I have been majorly slacking in keeping this thing updated. It has been a long time, too long in fact, so it's time for an update.

For those of you who haven't heard we are expecting boy number 2 in April. We decided to name him Kaydon Bryant. Trenton is super excited to be a big brother and keeps asking when the baby is going to be here. We have been waiting a long time for another baby, so this is the best thing we could have asked for.

Trenton turned 3 on September 13th. He is according to him "a SUPER big boy." He loves to work and with all the snow that we have had, he decided his favorite thing is to shovel the driveway or walkway. He loves to set the table for dinner and help cook, especially with his kitchen that he got for Christmas. He has a cute apron that Grandma and Grandpa Miller gave to him so he always wears it when he is helping cook. The bigger and bigger mommy's belly gets the more and more Trenton gets to do, which he loves. It's nice to have a little helper around.

Derek has just started getting more work again after about a month off. He is working again now that things have picked up for the company, who he came up here to work for originally and also works for a lady in our ward cleaning some properties that she owns. He loves hanging out with Trenton and can't wait to have another boy so that the "boys" can continue to dominate the house. ;-)

I am just busy with Trenton, the house, and getting ready for another baby. Trenton and I like to do "school" everyday when daddy is at work. It seems like I am constantly playing games with Trenton too. He has a competitive side already...we'll see how that turns out when he's older. ;-) I love him though. Kaydon is a crazy little guy already and makes it hard to sleep most of the time because he is ALWAYS moving. The ultrasound tech had a hard time keeping up with him when she did the ultrasound. Derek and Trenton think it's pretty cool to get to see and feel him kicking and moving. Derek especially enjoys it because he couldn't ever feel Trenton moving.

Things as a family and wonderful and we feel very blessed. It is a great time of the year to count your blessings and also to take note of the things you want to change. We are excited that we got to have this time to take count of our lives. We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and also a great new year. We love you all and wish you the best of luck in all you do.

Derek, Dana, Trenton, & Kaydon

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend...Bumps, bruises, and lots of fun dirt!

Well, Derek & Trenton have officially been introduced to Washington camping. They loved every minute of it. We had the "best spot" according to Trenton. We decided to get away for the long weekend with Eric & Jamee's family so we went up to the Mount Vernon area, which was absolutely beautiful.

Trenton loved the dirt. I was always catching him with his shoes off. He said he loved to feel the dirt on his feet and that it tickled. He found all sorts of cool bugs, but he especially loves the slugs (we even found one in our tent...probably his "pet"). We could never keep him clean so we kinda gave up the idea after the first day. The poor little guy did so well at not getting hurt until we were getting ready to leave. He fell and cut up his knee pretty bad and bruised the other one, but he survived with his Spiderman band aids.

Derek got stinging nettle when we were helping set up Eric's trailer. Luckily he took it pretty well and it didn't effect his spirits for the weekend. He was excited when he got up on Friday night and we already had the tent set up. Derek didn't get officially introduced all the way yet as far as camping goes though because he missed all the rain storms when he came up Friday after work. Trenton, Jamee, Emma and I had that Wednesday night and Thursday night both, but it was still great.

Saturday night while the Maughan clan went to the World of Outlaws races, I got to take Trenton & Derek up to show them my "home town" (I figured it was the best time since we were only 15 minutes away). They had fun and I loved getting to show them around Bellingham. Trenton thought it was cool to see the lakes that I got to see the houses that "mommy" grew up in. I think Derek's part was going to Arby's. He brags to everyone how he got "hooked up" by the lady working the drive through. He asked for 5 handfuls of Arby's sauce and the next thing we knew we were getting a bag of food and then a bag of Arby's sauce. We aren't talking a little bag or anything like that. This thing was FULL. He wants to go back just for that reason. Derek did like it up there though and we wouldn't mind buying land up there eventually.

Sunday we had a good day. We went miniature golfing. Trenton was in HEAVEN! He was running around the course saying that he was winning and that he was awesome! He basically hit the ball once and if he couldn't get it in he would either pick it up or kick it into the hole. Then he would run to the next one and tell us to hurry up. He says it's a "new game" and he is the best at it. We also went to Deception Pass which is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Trenton got to see the ocean and he thought that was the coolest thing in the world. He loved the sand and the seaweed. He wanted to put his feet into the water so we pulled up his pants and took off his shoes. I went to go help him so he wouldn't get caught in the current and when the wave hit the beach it came in WAY farther than the other ones and I got SOAKED!! Trenton thought that was the funniest thing he had ever seen before. He loves to tease.

Monday we went and had a BBQ and celebrated Corey's (my nephew) birthday. He had a super yummy cake which none of us had ever tried before. He was called a Sundae cake. Then we packed up and went home later in the afternoon.

We added some pictures from our day at the beach and we will add more pics when we get them printed. Enjoy!! :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our family is back together!!

Well, we are back together. Derek is done with school and he did wonderfully! He passed with a 92% and we are SO excited! We also found out last week that Derek's lawyer for the lawsuit against his school got all the students who have their loans through a certain bank (we will be nice...don't get me started on them) will have the interest stopped and that we will not have to make any payments until the lawsuit is complete. We were extremely excited about this and it is such a great blessing. We couldn't have asked for better news (well, except to hear that this whole things was done and that we won, but we can's a lot easier without having to make a payment every month too). We are waiting to hear on a house that we put in for to rent down in Monroe. It is VERY cute and would be perfect for us and it is in a great ward.

Friday night when Derek got home we went to the ward camp out which was a lot of fun. Trenton enjoyed being by the river and decided that it is really, really fun to throw rocks in there and watch them splash. We had hot dogs over the campfire and some side dishes, and of course some smores (YUMMY!). We did not stay the night though because we had a work party to be to the next morning. Saturday was tons and tons of fun. It was, hands down, the coolest work party I have ever seen in my life. They spend about $500, 000 to put this party together. Every single one of the kids gets a "prize" and they are not cheap which Trenton loved. He got to take his first pony ride, got a monkey balloon hat, a "tattoo", tried cotton candy for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed spraying everyone he could with his water gun (he soaked a LOT of people). They had great BBQ which was catered for us and there were tons of rides for the kids. Trenton had a hard time concentrating on eating lunch though because every table was filled about 4 inches high with candy. He didn't want to stop eating it. After the kids got their presents, they had a raffle for all of the employees. We were hoping to win something, but weren't expecting anything. I was shocked when I looked at our ticket and it actually had a winning number on it. So, my hubby won a to die for beautiful pair of diamond earrings. He was kind of bummed he didn't get a big screen TV or a BBQ or something like that, but I was super excited. Never once did I ever think that I would own a real pair of diamond earrings. (I lose earrings WAY too easily to get the expensive kind, but these have not been lost...I refuse. :-) ) So that was a fun day. Today we went to church and then came home and decided to go to the locks. It's free and really fun, so off we went. We ate sandwhichs in the car and drove down there. Trenton absolutely loved it. There were trains going by (which the bridge had to go up and down for), big, beautiful yachts (we're talking $2-5 million yachts!!), and fish (fishes galore). He got to go down into the damn and see the fish swimming up stream and he thought that was the coolest thing he had ever seen. He loved it and I am sure we will go back. He also liked walking through the botanical gardens that are at the locks. For those of you that don't know, Trenton is a flower fanatic (he learned this from his Grandpa Maughan). He was in flower smelling heaven. Then he got to chase birds, squirells, and a little dog all over the grass (while we relaxed on a blanket). It was a lot of fun and we are glad for such a great weekend.

Well, that's enough for the night. Have a great evening (or morning I is 12:10am). Love you all!

Derek, Dana, & Trenton

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We decided that we would break down and get a family blog now that we are away from most of our family. We thought it would be nice to share with family and friends.

Washington is great and we feel SO at home. Everything is just falling into place and it is definetly where we are supposed to be. This move made it so that Dana doesn't have to work, but she will be watching her cute little niece, Emma, when he mom is at work a day or two a week.

Derek is doing amazing and Trenton and Dana couldn't be more proud of him. He is working his butt off with everything and cannot wait to actually get started and be done with him schooling (and be back home with the family for more than a week).

Trenton loves the trees. He is always saying that he wants to climb them and live in the trees. He has grown a good couple of inches and LOVES being a "good cousin". He takes great care of Emma and helps calm her down and make her laugh. He loves to go on the boat and be on the lakes with the ducks. He went on the tube with Dana and is begging to go again all the time. He has made lots of new friends. Besides the lake, his favorite place to go is the races at Skagit. He wakes up every morning and asks if we can go watch Lightning McQueen go really, really fast, around and around in circles. It is really cute.

Well, that's enough for the night and I am exausted so it is time to go to bed. Hope everything is well with everyone. Make everyday worth living.

Trenton's "Prize"

Trenton's "Prize"

First pony ride

First pony ride

Our family at the Locks

Our family at the Locks

The "BIG" candy

The "BIG" candy

At the river

At the river